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Let's have a gay off!
06 December 2009 @ 11:41 pm

last year, I hand-picked those I wanted to give because I didn't have so many friends here.
This year, I do! *grins*

So, whatever you want made (icons, banners, headers or wallpapers), leave me HQ pics and I promise to make at most 5 things to each and everyone of you.

Open to all fandoms. Also, if you want anything personal, you can PM me anytime :)

Have fun ♥
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Let's have a gay off!
Long time since I've posted something worthy in here. My apologies, I've been quite busy.
About to get busier with the finals less then a month away. I'm, as you can tell, highly unimpressed.

Alas, being the genius that I am , I've managed to find a way to make beer out of my lemons.

It basically consists of music off the playlist I run while studying.
I though I'd make a ten-song one every week but we'll see.

so yeah. here it goes, hope you like =D

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Let's have a gay off!
so roundaboutit  and I decided to join kleuren 's round two of icon battles - this round's theme was people you don't like.
awesome, I know.

it took me FOREVER but I got all my 20 icons done on time, tyvm.
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Let's have a gay off!
08 February 2009 @ 10:16 pm
Hey guys,

school is coming up real soon. I think I'm too excited for my own good.
It has been like that since I started uni & I don't think it'll change - I hope not.

I managed to break his fan somehow and it took me forever to get the damn thing replaced.
so I'm thinking about giving the poor thing a name. I have a couple in mind but I can't choose one. so which is it ?
  • w i n s l o w
  • a i d e n
  • a r c h i e
  • g e n e
  • o t h e r ?
Also Also, new layout - took such a long time to edit but I AM IN LOVE.
It's made to stay for a l o n g while.

Also Also Also, I made some icons *gasp*
34, to be exact. I made some before the "accident" & finished them off today.
I feel pretty good about most of them. They basically follow the theme of whatever I pick out of my picture folders, nothing in particular.


check out teh prettyCollapse )

includes : daniel craig-ed quinn-james mcavoy-simon baker-jared padalecki-jensen ackles-robert downey jr-hugh jackman-justin chambers-stock-viggo mortensen.

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Let's have a gay off!
23 October 1990 @ 07:35 pm

I bite;
on occasion.
about me

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